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Black 'N Blue - Without Love - vinyl record,vinyl and cover excellent shape .1985 release .The boys from Oregon rock it out with their sophomore album . Includes "Rockin' On Heaven's Door and Swing Time ."

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Black 'N Blue - Without Love  , was released in 1985. This album saw the band modify their original rougher, hard-edge sound in favor of a more polished, radio-friendly pop-metal approach, a move that alienated many fans. Although the tracks "Without Love" and "Miss Mystery" were both released as singles, neither of them saw major chart success. A third track from this album, "Nature of the Beach" appeared in the film Vision Quest  and also appeared as the B-side to the Madonna single "Gambler " from the same movie, although it was not included on the soundtrack LP.A great album that anyone interested in a good solid rock band should have in there collection .