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Bob Dylan - Self Portrait 2 record set 1970 vinyl album in very good shape ,collectors for Dylan fans

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Self Portrait is the tenth studio album by American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan , released on June 8, 1970 by Columbia Records 

Self Portrait was Dylan's second double album, and features mostly cover versions  of well-known pop  and folk  songs. Also included are a handful of instrumentals and original compositions. Most of the album is sung in the affected country crooning  voice that Dylan had introduced a year earlier on Nashville skyline . Seen by some as intentionally surreal and even satirical at times, Self Portrait received extremely poor reviews upon release; Greil Marcus ' opening sentence in his Rolling Stone  review was: "What is this shit?"[1]

Dylan has claimed in interviews that Self Portrait was something of a joke, far below the standards he set in the 1960s, and was made to get people off his back and end the "spokesman of a generation" tags.

Despite the negative reception, the album quickly went gold in the US, where it hit #4, and it gave Dylan yet another UK #1 hit before it fell down the charts. The album has since built a cult following .